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Musikalliansen's main task is to provide professional freelance musicians with basic security in the form of a conditional temporary employment. Musikalliansen also arrange training, lectures, courses and seminars to support freelance musicians gaining competence and market value. The activities of Musikalliansen are financed by Government Grants through the Swedish Arts Council. Musikalliansen is run in the form of a limited company and its owners are Svensk Scenkonst, Svenska Musikerförbundet, Symf and Scen & Film. Musikalliansen is not a commercial agency for performers.

Alliances for musicians, actors and dancers In Sweden there are currently three alliances in performing arts. Teateralliansen for actors, Dansalliansen for dancers and Musikalliansen for musicians. They all employ freelance performers within their respective profession. Actors, dancers and musicians that are employed by any of these alliances, must have worked with art that receive public cultural funding. All alliances work actively with training, lectures, courses and seminars in order to improve competence and market value for the employees and for other practising freelance actors, dancers and musicians on the market. If you have any questions about Musikalliansen's activities please contact our office phone +46-(0)8-402 28 50 or e-mail